Boarding Information

All pets stay indoors at night in crates. Kevlar offers dry indoor enclosures featuring a cozy bed. Each enclosure is paired with a Covered 10’ x 10’ outdoor exercise run. In home daycare available and included in price as well, if space and dogs temperament allows.
Dog boarders are rotated outside into our outdoor runs during the day. The time they spend outdoors depends on the weather on that day. During the cold months, all pets are rotated into the outdoor runs to go to the bathroom and then brought back indoors. During the warmer months, all of the dogs can remain outdoors if the weather is appropriate for the entire day. This area is air conditioned in the summer and heated through forced air heat in the winter. Belongings may be brought with your pet for their stay, however we ask that anything that is brought be machine washable, i.e. not king size quilts or extra-large dog beds. These belongings stay indoors at all times.All boarding services must be paid for upon drop-off. We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Every Room Includes
  • Safe and Secure Sleeping Areas
  • Central Air Conditioning for summer
  • Forced Air Heat for winter
  • 2 home cooked meals a day of chicken with white rice. This is prepared fresh daily.
  • Pick up and drop off hours are prearranged 7 days a week for your convenience.
  • No “Pick up by noon” penalties, mandatory bath requirements (unless requested) or other hidden fees. We do not charge extra for feeding your preferred food, but can only accept foods stored in sealed plastic containers. Medications that accompany your pet are of no additional charge as well.
Dog Boarding $25 per day                        Cat Boarding $15 per day
              Bath $20                                             Nail Trim $10                                        Microchipping $20
Transportation $2.50 per mile with $25 minimum. Not enough time to drop your pet off, we can pick up and drop off your pet. Mileage is based on the distance from our door to yours.
All boarding services must be paid for upon drop-off. We accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards.

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs are required to be current on their distemper (DHLPP), Rabies and bordatella vaccination (canine cough) to board with us. Short-muzzled dogs are also highly recommended to be current on the Canine Influenza vaccination. However we do recommend that all dogs be vaccinated. The bordatella vaccination can be given by us but is highly recommended to have been administered at least 1 week prior to their stay. The distemper, rabies and influenza vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian and thus MUST be done prior to boarding.

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